Upgrading your Matrix Control Unit (MCU) with an SD Card.

Your New Vi DAC has an slot hidden under neath your Vi DAC. Periodically, we release upgrades to Vi DAC's firmware which can be flashed by inserting a micro SD card into this slot. To flash Vi DAC's MCU, please follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Please ensure to use a micro SD card of 64MB - 32GB max.
  2. Before you flash the new firmware onto your MCU, make sure your micro SD card's file system is either FAT or FAT16 or FAT32 (most SD cards will have a default file system of FAT32).
  3. There is a single file called app.bin that needs to be added to the card’s storage. This file can be found on our Driver and Firmware page. Note do not change the name of the “app.bin” or Vi DAC's MCU will not be able to load the firmware properly.
  4. Once the card is formatted and app.bin is on your micro SD card. Power down your Vi Dac unit and insert the card into the card slot. The card slot is located beneath the Vi, under the Display in front. This will be covered by a round black cap.
  5. Power on Vi DAC to begin the firmware install. There will be a three second pause while the MCU flashes. Once done, you can check your MCU firmware version under the menu options for your Vi Dac. The MCU firmware will say "Updated to MCU 1.36"
  6. Once the process is done you can safely remove the micro SD card while Vi DAC is still powered on and continue with normal operation.
  7. Use the link below to download the latest MCU firmware file or open a support ticket.

                 Note: If the Vi DAC only displays, "ViDac" after re-flashing, wait about 10 seconds, power down the Vi, eject the SD Card, power on the Vi DAC, and enjoy!

Warning: Do not load the Pulse app.bin as this is not compatible with your Vi's Display Matrix. If accidental Flashing does occur. Please load correct Vi firmware and restart your unit.