Geek Out Firmware

In this Document you will find the firmware's for the Geek Out units. This firmware chart will get updated once we have finalized a new firmware and Driver periodically. Please note we do not recommend you changing your firmware because there is a risk that you might brick your unit. The firmware provided upon receiving was selected to be the best firmware for your batch.

Geek Out Firmware Upgrade


From time to time newer versions of the Geek Out firmware will be released to fix bugs, and/or add functionality. The Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) utility will need to be used to complete the upgrade.




As of this writing (November 2015), the Geek Out firmware can only be upgraded from a Windows computer that has the Light Harmonic Audio Driver installed. The Light Harmonic DFU utility is installed on the computer as part of that process.


The Light Harmonic DFU utility for Mac is currently in development, but because of operational issues beyond our control, it is currently not available for distribution.

This firmware is only compatible with Geek Out Version 1. It is not compatible with Geek Out V2 or Geek Out V2+ models.




Getting Started


In order to perform the firmware upgrade, the newest version of the firmware will need to be downloaded from here:


Click the Firmware  link to download the file. Be sure to save it to a familiar location, such as the computer Desktop. This file can also be found on the bottom of this page in the Firmware table.


Light Harmonic Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Utility



To upgrade the Geek Out firmware, the Light Harmonic DFU utility will need to be on the computer (it is installed along with the Light Harmonic Audio Driver).


The Light Harmonic DFU utility is installed to the following location by default:


Local Disk (C:) – Program Files – Light Harmonic – USB_Audio_Driver



Double-click the LightHarmonicDfu file to open the utility (the Geek Out must be connected). The utility interface is shown below:



Click the Browse… button to locate the Geek_Out_Firmware_1V5 bin file. Select the bin file and click Open.



The bin file location will be displayed in the Firmware box, and messages that the device is opened and ready for firmware update will be displayed in the Upgrade box.



Click the Start button to begin the upgrade process. A progress bar will be displayed.


Once the firmware upgrade is complete a message will be displayed that the firmware is being started, and that the firmware upgrade finished successfully.


After the upgrade is complete, close the utility, and disconnect the Geek Out.


After 10 seconds, reconnect the Geek Out. Be sure to test that the Geek Out plays back audio and is free of any bugs that may have been present previously.



If there are any issues completing any of the steps in this document, understanding any of the concepts, or with audio playback, please open a support ticket through the LH Labs support page at:


No. Version Date Description Download


October 30, 2015

Latest Driver for Geek Out
Firmware file only available via Ticket.