Thank you for purchasing Vi DAC. This guide provides basic step-by-step instructions for setting it up, but if you need additional help, our Customer Happiness team is at your disposal by opening a ticket.

Package Contents

  • Vi Digital to Analog Converter
  • Apple Remote
  • Power Cable
  • Warranty Card

To get you started using your Vi DAC, There are five steps involved.

  1. Installing the Driver software onto your Windows based PC. (Driver is only required for PC)
  2. Connecting your DAC’s outputs
  3. Plugging your Power supple to your power outlet.
  4. How to enjoy music from your PC and Mac.
  5. Pairing your Apple remote to use on your Vi DAC.

Step 1
Microsoft Windows

A driver needs to be installed to connect your Vi DAC by USB to a Microsoft Windows computer. 

For the newest 3.26 Driver you can also download this Here, Please note that this driver will no longer support Windows XP and Windows Vista, To provide better support for Windows 10 platforms.

A driver needs to be installed to connect your Vi DAC by USB to a Microsoft Windows computer. The 2.29 driver can be downloaded here.

Once the driver is downloaded, simply click on the downloaded file to begin the installation. Follow all prompts on your Windows machines until a finish button is clicked. Once this is done you will also need to change your default sound device to Vi DAC under your Windows Control Panel in the sound properties.

To get step-by-step instructions, please visit our driver install guide.

Step 2
Connecting your Vi DAC.

There are five Digital inputs found on the back of your Vi DAC. From right to left: Toslink optical input, dual S/PDIF RCA inputs, AES/EBU input, USB input.

Line level audio outputs are located on the rear panel: one pair of XLR (Balanced) outputs, as well as a pair of RCA (single-ended) outputs.

Headphone outputs are on the front panel: one four pin XLR (balanced) and one 1/4" (single-ended). Also on the front panel is a volume control knob and an OLED display. The volume control knob adjusts the volume of both headphone outputs, but is dependent on the master volume control of the DAC.

When connecting Vi DAC to an external amplifier or Active speakers, be sure to have the amplifier and/or speakers in the off position to prevent any damage

Step 3
Powering Vi DAC

Connect Vi DAC to a household power outlet using the supplied AC power cord, or with one of your own. Vi DAC comes in either AC 120V, or AC 240V. Voltage is marked on the back panel.

Step 4
Pairing the Apple Remote

Vi DAC allows remote access to volume functions (increase/decrease/mute) as well as menu navigation and selection via an Apple Remote.

To pair the Apple Remote to Vi DAC, press the Menu and Right Directional button at the same time while pointing the remote at Vi DAC's front panel. After five to eight seconds a Pairing Code will appear on the display. Your Apple Remote is now paired with Vi DAC.

A video demonstrating how to use Apple Remote with our products can be found here.

Please note: Once an Apple Remote has been paired with Vi DAC it cannot be unpaired. Apple Remote’s volume control is for the master volume control that is displayed on the front of your Vi DAC. When selecting USB from the Volume Settings menu the master volume control is now controlled by the operating system’s master volume control.

Step 5
Enjoy Your Music

Connect your USB type A cable to your Mac or Microsoft Window computer.

Connect your USB type B cable to Vi DAC's USB input.

Power on Vi DAC and change the input to USB under the menu option found in “Input Select” using your apple remote.

Please note: Vi DAC will need the remote to enter the menu options

To set your audio output to Vi DAC in Windows, You will need to set it as your default device.

Microsoft Windows Default Device Configuration
  1. Click the Start button found on the bottom left corner of your windows Pc.
  2. Select Control Panel and double click “Hardware and Sound” note: this is in category view, you can select small icons and double click “Sound”
  3. Under the Playback tab in your Sound Properties, left click the Vi DAC to select this device.
  4. Right-click this device and select “ Set as Default Device” This will enable sound to come out of your Vi DAC when connected to your Windows based Laptop or Tower.

Setting up for MAC OS X
No drivers are needed to use Vi DAC on a Mac computer. You will, however, need to select the Vi DAC as the audio output device.

  1. Click your Apple button found on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select “System Preferences” in the drop down menu.
  3. Double click “Sound” under Hardware.
  4. Under the Output tab, select the VI DAC as your output device and be sure the Mute button is not checked.
  5. Exit out of the menu.

Full Owner's Manual

For complete instructions about your device, please reference the full Owner’s Manual for details and discussions about the operation, features, and software configurations.

FCC Product Name: Vi D/A Converter
FCC Model Number: PCLPI2VID3