Digital filters are used to remove artifacts in the digital signal caused by audio sampling. The Geek Pulse offers the following filters:


TCM (Time Coherence Mode) – Uses LH Labs minimum phase digital filter and time optimization algorithm which removes all pre-ring from the original signal, and realigns the impulse response. This presents the listener with a more well-defined and natural soundstage.


FRM (Frequency Response Mode) – Uses LH Labs slow roll-off linear digital filter and frequency domain optimization algorithm to provide a smoother and clearer sound with even lower THD+N.


SSM (Stable Streaming Mode) – A digital filter to optimize audio from streaming sites such as Spotify and Tidal.


* This filter is still in development, and will be added via future firmware update.


FTM (Femto Time Mode) – Uses an optimization algorithm that reduces time related distortion from the Femto Clock source, while providing better jitter performance. It also brings out the best of both TCM and FRM filter modes.


* FTM is only available on Geek Pulse units equipped with Femto Clocks.