Hi all,

We have a finalized chassis and 2 fully functioning Vi Tubes in our California office, and they were tested today and tested excellently. We are very pleased with how the Vi Tube turned out and will be soon ordering them from the factory to fulfill the orders. 

We will be reviewing our records and getting in touch with backers to verify their shipping addresses and to see how many we need to order from the factory. They are very easy to make and this should alleviate the problems we had in the past with the Vi Tube production and assembly. 

The tube output is excellent and very pleasing. The solid state output is perfect as usual. The first two units have been assembled and work great.

We'll update when more information and action is being taken on getting the shipping data from the backers. 

We will be making a second update soon with the final pictures from the office of the chassis, when they are available. 

- LH Labs team