Hi all, 

It's time for an update regarding the Wave: 

1. The Coronavirus is NOT majorly impacting the development timeframe now. The development in Taiwan is still working as usual. The mechanical design part is also as good. Our CNC factory is busier than usual but still controllable. 

2. We are looking at a final working model to be produced sometime this Summer at this point. 

3. The software team is working on the software, optimizing the DSD playback part and

also improving buffer for bluetooth playback. Also, no worries for obsolete bluetooth. The Bluetooth we have in Wave is version 5.0. 

4. While the software team works, the Mechanical Engineers have asked us to tweak the design of the PCB and internal structure, so we are doing that. 

5. These are very minor tweaks, meant to enhance the software and physical functionality of the Wave

6. The outside of the chassis remains the same

7. The Wave will not be outdated and will be software upgradeable 

We have posted some schematics of some of the inside structural changes. The green parts are the redesigned PCB pieces for enhanced functionality and smoother operation.

We will continue to update as more information becomes available throughout the development process. 

- LH Labs team