Hello all,

We are aware of the long delays in the Pulse campaign delivery, and we understand the frustration. To alleviate at least part of the frustration, we have been working behind the scenes on a solution. 

We are opening up an exchange program for those who are tired of waiting for the Pulse to ship and who have moved on to other gear. We will be offering to exchange your LH Labs Pulse for high-end Light Harmonic earphones. These will consist of the Stella ($1,299.00 MSRP) and Mera ($299.99 MSRP) earphones, both of which have received very positive reviews from the listening community. 

The specs and details of each earphone are listed below in the link (and attachment): 


[Mera attachment to this document]


To participate in the exchange program, simply open a ticket on our site and give us the following information: 

Title/Subject of Ticket: Geek Pulse Exchange

Include in the body of the ticket: 

-your full name

-full address(es) [billing/shipping]

-phone number 

-email address [used for campaign]

-total amount spent on the campaign (if available)

-verify the shipping address we need to use. 

- STELLA or MERA exchange [quantity, model(s), colors]

Color inventory on Mera [Scarlet and Black] may vary; please indicate your color choice and we will make every attempt to send you that color.  

If we need other information or documents, we will let you know.

We will be giving backers 30% off the MSRP towards store credit. example:

Amount Spent by Backer: $2,000

Stella MSRP: $1,299.99

Backer takes Stella: Only 900 in credit was spent, leaving $1,100 in credit

Mera credit will be $210.  Example:

Amount Spent by Backer: $500

Mera MSRP: $299.99
Backer takes Mera: Only $210 in credit was spent, leaving $290 in credit

If your dollar contributions are still more than the earphones' worth, you will still have credit to be used in the future for exchanges.

We will announce when shipments are commencing publicly. We will allow 10 days for feedback from backers over this, then we will begin to sort and ship them to backers. Please respond to this exchange within 10 days to receive your exchange

Depending on the response of this program, we are looking at the possibility of future exchange programs as well. 

If anyone has questions, please let us know via the usual methods. 

LH Labs for Indiegogo Pulse Campaign