We apologize for the delay in the latest update. As I believe we've mentioned before (here and other places), the factory dates are estimates and not guarantees. Since we are such a low volume customer, we are not priority for the factories. The factories get to us when they have enough downtime in between larger clients. That time has come and the factory has sent us photos of the beginning stages of the production. 

We have two different pictures here. 

The photos are of the first part of the CNC process completed. The factory has cut the metal out of the aluminum plate (as seen). The next step will be to polish and then anodize these pieces. You can see pure copper bars on the sides of the plates as well. 

The first 3 units should be done next week, with making sure the coloring is correct, the assembly process is in order, and finally the actual building. 

When we get new information and photos from the factory, we will update that information immediately. 

LH Labs