Hi everyone, 

We apologize for the downtime between updates. After a lengthy amount of time, product tweaking and manufacturing tests, we have finally landed on what is planned to be the end design of the Vi DAC Tube chassis [see attached pictures]. This design should be much more stable and easier for the factory to produce. The previous designs we thought would work continued to fail, so re-design steps had to be taken in partnership with the factory. The main points on this are:

1.  We are down to one factory right now. The previous designs on the Vi DAC Solid State and Vi DAC Tube WILL NOT BE USED. We tried 5 different factories and none were able to reproduce solid results on a regular basis. We apologize for any inconvenience over this and we hope everyone enjoys the new designs regardless. 

2. Expected stable production value; much less fail rate. 

3. The top is designed for perfect air flow with enough finger room to reach in for tube swaps, while also avoiding mass exposure to dust.

4. Pilot production is expected to occur in 3 weeks for both the remaining Solid State and Vi Tube units. The second week of August is the projected timeline for manufacturing/assembly. When more information is available, that will be posted. 

Again, we hope this new design works out properly and we hope that everyone is satisfied with the results. If you have comments, as always, please let us know. 

LH Labs team