Hi everyone, 

Here are the updated 5 progress points for the Wave project: 

(1) New DAC IC [integrated circuit] upgrade to Gen 2 of ES9028Q2M

(2) Bluetooth Enhancement improved a lot (can do receiving and sending) [Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm IC chipset] [aptX bluetooth support]

(3) Ultra fast file index system on software (this is important for the people who use a BIG SDXC)

(4) Team is aiming at 10 hour battery playback, which is looking extremely likely, but more testing will be needed to confirm. 

(5) We are waiting for final confirmation on the final chassis so when we get that, we'll share it immediately.  

(6) Included in the attachment is the Spec for Wave chart for your perusal. 

When we get new information from the team over the continued progress, we'll post another update immediately.