Hi everyone,

We have confirmation from the Wave software team that AptX is working now. They are continuing to work the codes/software for efficiency and we will update you when we get more information over the rest of the software. Things are progressing! 

One exciting feature that is being implemented in the Wave that I don't remember us announcing is "temporary swapping". 

Temp swap means that when people play songs from SD card, the Wave player will automatically copy to internal flash buffer until it is full. So even when that card has been swapped out and changed to another card, the song will be still be there in the Wave. It's our special design and it is BETTER for sound quality! We took this route due to the fact that since it directly plays from the internal flash instead of SD card (after first play back), the access speed and data reading jitter is much smaller than SD card. (providing better sound quality)

On the last note, we had a couple of questions over the SD card slots. Due to the slimmer design space of the new chassis, we now have one SD card slot capable of 1 TB SD cards. 

When we get more information over Wave, we'll update that for you.