Hi everyone,

We have pictures of the new chassis that will be in production on the Wave. This will fit the new PCB with the new processor we previously mentioned. It is thinner and slimmer than the original chassis, which we decided to change because of feedback and due to the CPU change. 

It will take 25 - 35 days to finalize the layout of the new PCB and produce the physical (new) chassis prototype. After that, the software for bluetooth, wifi, etc. will start. Right now, the team is working in the virtual machine (simulator) environment on the Wave Pure OS from their PCs. 

The battery life will be very good for the Wave. The original size is still 2500mAh and we are also testing 3200mAh as well. The new PCB should use less current than the original, extending that life during usage. When we have finalized our testing, we will produce those results for you. 

The LH Labs team