Here is the latest information from the Wave project. Larry visited the Wave team on his recent trip to Asia and spent many meetings with them helping them with the hardware and software. The team expects the Pure OS music platform to be done in the next 60 days. Shown below is the team and the Wave developer's board. Bluetooth is the priority and then the Wifi, etc, will be tackled. When software is finished on that board, we will merge that back to the original hardware structure. It took us lots of time to find a good team but we're confident we did. 

Part of the reason this project took so long is because we had to upgrade the CPU to the IMX series. The teams found the original CPU we used was uncommon between them (ie: not every team had lots of experience with that chip), so Larry had to redesign some aspects of the hardware to get all teams on the same page with a CPU that all teams were very familiar developing for. Now that it's done, the process should go much more smoothly than before. 

Below are pictures for the team and the Wave developer's DEVELOPMENT board. (picture edited for sensitive company information) This is NOT the Wave board itself. It is simply a regular board that developers use to build software that will be used on other devices (like the Wave). 

We will update you when we have more information, hopefully in the next 30 days or so. 


The entire LH team