Hey everyone, 

Here is the latest news for this campaign: 

For the Source Signature, we have completed the Asia backers' orders shipping out from Singapore. Now we have 18 more to go in the USA and Europe.

The Toradex SOM board delayed the shipping. It should be here in two weeks, then we will finish building/shipping these SE versions out. 

Regarding the software, the current the version is already upgraded to 1.03  (originally is 1.01) which every new unit will include. Next main version 1.1 will add Roon support too. Currently the feedback from backers who received the Source are generally positive on software. But we received some good suggestions too and will add those suggestions/features in 1.04 and 1.05. 

When we have more information over the shipment and development, we'll let everyone know!

The entire LHL team