Hey everyone,

1. As previously discussed elsewhere, the Wave is now a dual operating system; Android for Tidal and other streaming service/functionality and the original custom OS for Pure Music mode. 

Please note: Android implementation is NOT delaying the Wave beta units. The Wave beta will focus on the original OS for Pure Music mode. We will add the Android part later after we confirm the customized Linux version for Wave. 

2. We've hired a new software team to partner with. They are starting on Sep 15 and will help with the Android side of things.  

3. We expect to remove the remaining software bugs and wrap it up in 30 days. Then we will enter the finalized software beta on Oct. 15. 

The original expected beta unit release was the beginning of October - that has been pushed back at this point due to software. The expected release date for beta units is mid-November at this point. 

4. The hardware is basically done. We are not expecting anything to change at this point but will if needed from a software perspective. 

5. The three major remaining parts on software are: 

(1). Bluetooth music transmission

(2) WiFi streaming/NAS and HTML web interface for remote control

(3) SD music file access

6. We will have another update by the end of September for the software progress after the new team has joined us. 

Thanks for your patience on this project. We're working as hard as we can to make it the best we can for our backers. 

The entire LHL team