Hi everyone, 

I have an update which was just handed to me. 

Here are the items that have been accomplished since the last update: 

(1) Touch screen response time is much better. (As good as the Source music server now)

(2) Power saving mode and battery charge management

(3) Album cover generation and cache system

(4) Wifi network streaming stability

The next important "to-do" items over the next 3-5 weeks:

(A) Bluetooth music transport

(B) Wifi music streaming jitter reduction and optimization

(C) USB "C" digital audio output (Lets Wave work as a digital USB transport)

(D) SPDIF output sampling rate bug need to be removed

(E) Web remote control interface debug

Please keep in mind the software side takes longer than the hardware side of things, due to the inherent intricacies of software. That's why we need to have that window of time. This is not a guaranteed timeline; it can fluctuate shorter or longer depending on if we do or do not run into software issues. 

THE BATTERY VENDOR HAS BEEN FINALIZED. The vendor is trying to nail down our lead time, but it will be approximately 6-8 weeks (usually) from time of order. Again, with this type of project, there are no guarantees on timelines. 

When I have more information, I'll post that. 

Please keep checking our Freshdesk forums and IGG page comments for "soft" updates (those updates which are very minor tidbits of information that don't warrant a full "official" update or email blast) in the meantime. 

The Freshdesk forum can be viewed below: 

FreshdeskWave Forum

Thanks for your patience as the team continues to work through this project to completion. 

Larry, Jarek and the rest of the team