Hi everyone, 

Fairly quick update. Here are the facts: 

1. Larry is in Asia right now working with the factory on the chassis productions. LH is moving operations for the Wave and Vi chassis (both old and new designs) to a new factory. We have pictures and videos below (attached). They will begin the new design production very soon. The Wave chassis design remains the same. 

2. Larry is also working on getting the screen supplier worked out for the Wave. He is meeting with two suppliers next week and is very optimistic that we'll be able to finalize that. For a refresher, we will have a 5” high resolution IPS screen with high scratch resistance glass. If anyone is wondering why this wasn't done sooner, we've mentioned in the past that vendors are reluctant to work with someone our size, because our order sizes are so small. This appears to have shifted in our favor finally. 

3. The Wave software is being worked and optimized for battery power. After that is finalized and tested, we will work on finalizing the battery supplier. 

The photos are listed listed below: 

1 - 3: Singapore audio show. Our partners are demoing the Source and Vi DAC. Response was extremely positive. 

4 - 6: Pictures of the Shenzhen office in China. Lots of requests for pictures of this location. The box is going to hold something nice. 

7 - 10: Pictures of the new CNC factory. Their machine is able to engrave this egg. The big machines are 40:1 800 parts steel tank that are super detailed and capable. The tank is a model that the factory built. 

11: A video showcasing the engraving capabilities of the CNC factory on the egg. 

And that's it so far! When I have more information to share, I'll let everyone know. If anyone has questions/comments, please use our Freshdesk forum. We hope everyone has a good Easter. 

Larry, Jarek and the rest of the team