We expect the Pulse boards to begin production the third week of February. We will run a batch of 50. The lead time for the factory building the boards is 15 days. Shipping is about 5 days to Roseville. Once we receive them back from the factory, we approximate 30 days to build, and then we will begin shipping. So recap:

Mfg: Da Vinci board factory

Production: 3rd week February

Run #: 50

Run time: 15 days

Shipping to LH: 5 days

Build time: 30 days (approximately)

We will make an announcement when we actually start production. We'll continue building the Pulses until everyone has their units. We have delivered about 94%. We have about 130 (approximately) left to deliver. After this initial run of 50, we'll build, ship, regroup and double check our order numbers and make preparations to start the next batch. We'll update you when we have more information over the second batch starting. We have no exact dates or timelines on the time between runs at this point. 

We've had a lot of questions over why the production was stopped, and the quality control. Here is the answer:

We had a problem with the previous PCB manufacturer we used in the States. The soldering was a main issue for a lot of the boards; it would fail. So we stopped using that manufacturer. 

The new manufacturer is the Da Vinci PCB factory (our flagship DAC) so the quality control on the board work will be much tighter and better. The previous issues we had with boards and firmware are fully expected to be fixed on these next runs.

When we have more information, we'll update everyone again!