Here we have Matt testing the new boards we received last week. These are the first two steps: (1) Solder battery in different size to see the overall power up status and (2) Check different DC test points to see if we got the results we expected.

We will also need to do the "Cross Boards" test. This involves cross checking the difference voltages for different boards (if there are any). This will ensure the boards are uniform and perform identically. After that we will start the next procedures (install the SOM, Hard drive, Screen) and software for boot up test.

Larry and Craig and Jessie will be working on the software. At this point, we don't have an exact timeline. When we have something more solid, we'll let you know. I'll provide any updates and pictures for everyone as I receive them as well. 

Because I know people are going to ask: we don't know when we will ship. We are working as hard as possible on finishing this project correctly and making it as special as possible. When we have more information over shipping and production and beta testing, we'll update everyone. 

- Jarek