We have received our beta boards from the factory after a lengthy, lengthy delay. We have 5 beta boards and a small batch of the 20G boards. The remaining parts for future Wave production have been sent to the new factory. (We no longer use the original factory due to obvious reasons) These will be shipping to the Roseville, CA location and should be arriving within a week or so. We will assemble these and work on the beta testing immediately. 

We are working on UI software and we have included a video below. PLEASE NOTE: this is just a test video, and when we get the actual unit assembled and loaded, the speed and fluidity of the software will not be an issue. 

We'd like to acknowledge Jazzy and Craig who are working hard on software application side. Billy and his team are working on OS and driver side. We don't expect much hardware debugging at this point. Almost all tweaking and testing will now be software related. The beta testing timeframe should last 3-4 weeks or so, roughly. We don't have an exact timeline on that but we'll keep you updated as things progress. 

We appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing many more good things on this project with you!

- Larry and Jarek