Hi everyone, 

I know this is the second recent update I've sent out regarding tickets. We got about 150 new tickets asking about the Wave 64 and XDF256. It seems every time we send out an update, we get loads of new tickets asking about orders and the BigCommerce account. Lots of work and corrections are made at that point. 

Among the most common questions are: "What exactly did I purchase?" or "I don't remember what the perk listed." 

In an effort for transparency and to help everyone out, I have included screens of ALL the perks and their descriptions. This is what I use to look up your orders when there are questions over the specific perks. The perk descriptions should be listed in your IGG orders already (as well as emails with staff) but if they aren't, these will help you. 

This will allow you to compare your notes, see the name of the perk, what was offered in that perk, and see what you have in your current order vs what you should be getting. If anyone compares their notes and sees anything off, please let me know and I'll work on fixing the order or clarifying anything. [try to include any notes/invoices/emails you have for me]

NOTE: If you selected any of the "Best" perks [Best Wave 64 Upgrade, Best Wave X128 Upgrade, etc.], and your components on your invoice don't match the description, please let me know. 

If you selected a "Boost for X 128" perk, please let me know and we'll make sure all of your invoices are correct. 

See below for examples of these perks:

Depending on the response, I can do this for the other campaigns as well (but probably will anyway). 

Thanks for your understanding and I hope this helps clear up a lot of the questions over the campaign purchases.