Hi all, 

As you know, I've been working through BigCommerce tickets. Right now we are below 10 "Open" tickets which are tickets which have not been responded to yet. That is down from around 400. 

We currently have about 73 "Pending" BigCommerce tickets, which means I have responded to you but you have not responded back. If you have one of these tickets/emails that you have not answered for me, please do so or your ticket will be soon closed. 

We do have a couple of questions to ask very specific backers: 

1. If you specifically ordered a GFO (Geek Force Only) Wave 64 at $389, please open a ticket and send us a copy of your receipt if possible from IGG or LHL. Please label it as GFO Wave 64 in the ticket. If you aren't a member of the Geek Force, this update does not apply to you.

2. If you ordered an XDF256 and do not see it on your invoice, please open a ticket and include a receipt if possible. If you would like me to verify your XDF256 order (even if you see it on the invoice), please submit a ticket and I'll do that. 

Thanks and we'll have another update on the Wave soon.