Q: Why do we need a new chassis? We were told in other updates that all delays on the first chassis had been resolved. How long before this new chassis is finalized? 

A: Failure rate of the original Vi DAC chassis has dropped. But from the CNC factory point of view, it is still a low volume and hard to make the shape. Our goal for new chassis candidate (design not yet finished) is to make sure we can make the CNC process faster so we could get the chassis to more reliable speed and quality. 

Q: Are we under obligation to accept or use the new chassis? 

A: No. And after we finish the new chassis design, we will let backers choose which chassis they prefer.  

Q: Is this new chassis of a lesser quality? Or will it retain the same quality of the original? 

A: The quality is the same, if not better, than the original. We want the new design easier and faster to make. The quality will be better under the same time frame. 

Q: Are the units shipping to backers or new retail customers? How many units of each type of Vi Dac have shipped to backers? How many shipped to retailers? 

A: Units go to both backers and retail customers. There are several cases where the local distributors are also using the IGG to purchase their units. For those who have a good memory, we have "distributor perks" listed in few campaigns. In total, we can confidently say more than 85% are going to IGG backers. If we include the distributors counted as backers, the percentage will be higher. 

Q: How many chassis units are expected to be produced per month from the new design?

A: The new chassis design hasn't been completed yet. We will learn the feedback from CNC factory after we complete that design.

Q: Are the boards for the Vi Dac completed? Are they in stock? Will there be delays with installation once the chassis units are received? 

A: We have around 50 PCBs ready for assembly. And we will make more PCBs when needed. 

Q:  Has the transformer issue has been solved for the CCX modules? 

A: Yes 

Q: For Signature custom units, is it possible to get CCX8 output components “hard wired” in unit instead of waiting for the individual CCX modules to be ready? I have no interest in swapping output capacitors and connectors and no interest in a DAC with only single-ended output. Also, if planning to use CCX#8 exclusively, why wouldn’t I want it optimized by LH for those specific output components?

A: Yes. But for that option, please send your request via email to info@lightharmonic.com so we can know more details. 

Added Bonus: We had a lot of requests for pictures of the current stock of Vi Dac boards. They are shown below for your viewing pleasure.