1. We are designing a new chassis option that will be easier and faster for manufacturing. The design is not finalized yet, but we've been working on it the past 2-3 weeks. The front panel and side designs will be tweaked, and Larry will make sure it looks and sounds just as good as the original design backers purchased.  When we debut it, backers can choose to take that chassis over the original one they purchased, so their Vi Dac will arrive sooner. 

2. We just shipped out 8 Vi DAC Solid State units and 2 Tube units. Next 2 weeks should be another 8 of them (solid state) shipped. We are still on schedule for around 15-20 per month for the solid sate units. 

3. We ask any Vi DAC Tube backers make sure all their information is listed on their BigCommerce account. If it's not, please open a ticket and we'll add that for you. (no exact timeline on tickets, per usual)

Again, thanks for your patience over this and we'll update when we have more information over the new chassis and other aspects of the campaign.