All the hardware R&D has been finished. We shipped some beta Sources out as the final test. One screen during the shipping ended up broken

so we learned a lesson and fixed the supporting structure for the touch screen. One hard drive has an issue of not responding sometimes after two weeks of continuous usage. (THANKS, WD!!!) We obviously asked for that hard drive back so we could perform an autopsy. (and maybe double kill it for wasting our time) 

But, seriously, these are the only two issues we found in real life using and real life shipping. Screen issue has been addressed. Hard drive issue needs to be

deeper investigated. We talked to our hard drive vendor, and their data shows we should not have that drive's hardware problem in such early usage.

So this is the only issue we will focus on now. (Just for clarification, all the Solid State Disks we currently tested are all good and running)

Software/Firmware version has been further updated to version 1.01 (three months ago, it was version 0.78) This version is stable and running with the beta machine for more than 10 days continuously. No crash, just non-stop tunes. 

We will use this customer support portal to post any minor software issues we find here. And you will see the software related progress in the center too.  

The original target didn't change. We will ship the first batch Geek Source as the Signature Edition. But we really need quality extra time to make sure that

shipping won't cause mechanical hard drive to fail after a short period of usage. Within 10 days, we will have a conclusion. Current direction is to make shipping internal damping material softer and thicker with possibly more material. 

Sidebar notes: The whole hard drive is not working. OS can not see this hard drive any more. (it is shamed by it) And it sounds not normal. spinning sound is OK. But after a while, spinning will go off. Then start again. (Like my last Ford Taurus) 

EDIT: We've had some questions over the type of hard drives we're using. Right now, we're testing different models. So NOTHING is finalized at this point regarding brand or model. Green WD has a better noise reduction than the Red. This is why we initially are using it. Literally nothing is finalized and we're still testing and making determinations. We may go with a different brand. We may not. We may go with a different model. We may not. At this point it's all just testing and we wanted to be completely transparent with the community over the status of the Source and thought you would enjoy the story of the broken hard drive.