1. Clarification needed on the Standalone DAC --- will this be included as stated ---> Here is the exact quote from “LH Labs” on 6/14/14 in Update section re: standalone DAC perk:

"As promised, we’ve unlocked a very special $38 perk: Standalone DAC capabilities for Geek Wave 32, 64, and 128. If you’ve selected one of these models, you might want to add this very special feature. Remember, Geek Wave X 128 and XD 128 already have this feature. If you’ve chosen one of these models, there’s no need to contribute to the new perk."

ANSWER: The 32 no longer exists. The Wave 64 will have this as an option.  We are including this as standard for every other model. We apologize for the very confusing nature of this wording and campaign marketing. 

2. If the m.2 card requires a special drive format in order to be read by the Wave, why can’t you just add a drive formatting option to the firmware? Pretty much every portable device from DAPs to cameras to smartphones have this feature. 

ANSWER: The formatting feature could be included but not in the priority release. We don't suggest the user put in the m.2 card by themselves and reformat. 

3. Regarding the storage capacities I have another question. So Waves 128/X128/XD128/XD256 will have the storage via the M. 2 module, right? So how will the 64GB of the Wave 64 be realized?

ANSWER: Wave 64 will have on board EMMC to support up to 64GB. 

4. Of concern to many: since there are so many combinations of options, how will we be able to verify what hardware we receive in our Wave units will be what we ordered? 

ANSWER: We will use the detail configuration data from our CRM system (BigCommerce), so that is why we hope backers login and update their information there.  

5. Can we get a status on the Dock? Is it still being made or in production? 

ANSWER: The Geek Station is in the design stage. When we finish up the Geek Wave design, it will be the task afterward.