1. Since the final Wave specs haven´t changed from the ones already mentioned in Update #151 I would appreciate if you can shed some lights on the “Standalone DAC upgrade” option which many of us have backed. Since there is currently a discussion about this going on at HF it would be good to know which models have it “as default” and which have it “optional”.

ANSWER: In our current database record, there are 391 people who purchased the stand-alone DAC function perk. And it is roughly around 50% people backed this option.  So again, only the ES9028Q2M is currently set as "default".  Standalone DAC, WiFi, Bluetooth... are NOT defaults.

2. Will 512GB optional open for TOTL and XDF256 backer?

ANSWER: It is possible. Larry just had a long meeting with our m.2 SATA provider in Taiwan. But we need to know how many people might need it because there would be a MOQ from factory. 

3. Regarding the final configurations, what happened to the “THD upgrade”.

ANSWER: The same. No change. THD Upgrade will matched the Analog components on headphone output to lower the output THD -3dB.

4. Can you share some pictures of the Wave?  

ANSWER: We will share the RC1 PCBA when it is done. We posted quite a few pictures for EP3/EP5 and the metal chassis before. We'll post them again. PCBA factory told us the schedule is the 4th week of Sep. it would be ready. So when we get those in, we will absolutely post pictures. 

5. Where is there a concise and clear indication of backers WAVE order specifications?!?

ANSWER: Check the update for 9/18/17

6. With which control/playing options the Waves will be shipped (e. g. Playing random mixed songs based on chosen genres).

ANSWER: It can play random songs on any playlist that user created. The user can also create the playlist via touch screen or even the remote HTML interface like what we designed for Geek Source. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the UI:


7. Long time ago it was planned to control the Wave via the smartphone (similar as the HiByLink feature). Is this still on your agenda or off the table?

ANSWER: That is still on the table. We believe using HTML web interface to control Wave is even better than bluetooth link that provided by other vendors.

8. For XD128/XD256, why is the battery capacity reduced from 5000mAh to 4500mAh?

ANSWER: Under the same playback time assumption, and to avoid the chassis getting too big, we are working with a battery vendor in Asia. The current chassis internal size could allow us to host the 4500mAh.  We reduce the 5000mAh to 4500mAh for sizing reasons, not the cost. In the final test, we will make sure playback time is the same. 

9.  Based on your update dated 15 Aug 2017, it appears that Wifi, BT and THD upgrades are now available for XD256(DAD) backers for free. Since I am an XD256(DAD) backer who paid for Wifi and THD separately, please refund me accordingly.

ANSWER: No. It is NOT for free. We just safely assume every XD256(DAD) backers already have WiFi, BT and THD upgrades there in our internal database. Most of these XD256 backers have "full set" of features. 

10. Which A53 Quad Core SOM module are you using? Link to vendor please.

ANSWER: This is a trade secret. Sorry!

11. How do we go about upgrading to the 512GB memory version of the DAD edition? Can we raise tickets?

ANSWER: We will open up and let all the people know when this 512G perk is ready and confirmed by our vendor. We will use BigCommerce system, not the ticket system.

12. Which 2242 form-factor m.2 SATA devices have you tested. Will you offer this option through your store? What does this mean “For all backers that above Wave 64, we will include mSATA drive in M.2 form factor”. What size? Is base device memory eMMC + m.2 Sata?

ANSWER: eMMC memory will work as where Operation System, Cache and other data sits.  The m.2 SATA will be the place for music data.

The vendor of M.2 SATA driver is one of the best provider in the world. But sorry, we don't want to reveal their name here. 

13. Miscellaneous features. Where are we at? Did they make the cut?

- SACD ISO file playback?

ANSWER: Yes. It is been listed on the high priority of software features. 

- Analog output stage (Line Out)? Balanced? 6V, 3V(SE) or 4V, 2V(SE)

ANSWER: Yes. Line Out, Balanced and Single Ended are all there. Line out is 4V rms. Balanced is 4.2V rms. And Single-ended is 2.1V rms

- Optical SPDIF output combo connector?

ANSWER: Yes. This is included in current design.

- Smart Digital Mode (will automatically switch the digital filter and other related settings based on DSD or PCM)? 

ANSWER: Yes. And we will have smart GAIN features as what we have in the GO2Pro firmware as well.

- USB port will have the OTG function? 

ANSWER: Yes. Hardware part has been tested. But we need a firmware test to make sure it would be compatible with a lot different kind of DACs.

- DSD256 playback on release or (“… then we add DSD256 features after if software can not catch hardware’s time line.”)

ANSWER: Hardware is definitely ready for DSD256. In the current software test, DSD256 is also listed as high priority for test. It will be ready on either initial firmware release, or the second firmware release latest.

14. How much listening time on battery?

ANSWER: 8 hours ~ 9 hours in average volume with 16 Ohm headphone and normal sensitivity.