Please check yourself. By using a straight table.

So let's go line by line for important parts. 

  1. Our System-On-Module SOM feature is unique and provide the future upgradability. Currently this SOM has Quad Core A53 64 bit CPU which in our test, usual high resolution PCM and DSD128 playback will use less then 10% of CPU power. A lot of reserve and quad core could make sure it perform still perfect under multitasking situation.

  2. Only few DAP use additional Audio Process Unit. Some designs use FPGA, our design use XMOS latest generation XU series to process the digital filter and I2S audio signal output part. XMOS's performance on jitter and sound performance is tested better than FPGA. 

  3. We choose to use ESS9028Q2M not AKM449* series DAC IC. Because ESS is the current output DAC instead of AKM is the direct voltage output DAC. Current output DAC needs more components around the design but it gives us the much greater control of the sound characters and we could use much better analog resistors to convert the music signal instead of using the resistors INSIDE the IC. 

  4. We further lower the power supply noise to the DAC IC. In ultimate DAD version, the test results are lower than 2uV there. The best and quiet power will give us the best start of digital audio conversion.

  5. USB C connector. We provide high speed charging current up to 1.5A via USB C connector. This USB C connector is multi-function that could work as "input of USB DAC", "output of Digital Audio via USB" and features DSD over PCM to let you connect external DAC to your Wave. This is new add to the campaign specification.

  6. We feature dual SDXC there. You could put your favorite music on one SD, the other slot could swap in and out for the new music you recently downloaded.

  7. Wave feature the proven and well reviewed analog output section that could power up to 1000mW. It is unique when the campaign started, now it still is.

  8. One key detail we would like to share is, this analog stage will work hand in hand with the new feature "Smart Gain" in the firmware. We implemented this Smart Gain in the latest version 2.1 firmware in GO2A and GO2Pro portable headphone amp. It works out very well. The system will automatic set the proper analog output gain according to the current volume setting and output power you need. So you don't need to go to dig into settings and switch "High/Mid/Low" in gain settings. System will change for you automatically. And this is implemented in other products and tested well already.

  9. 5'' High resolution screen with nice capacitive touch is another good thing that only one or two flagship DAP has. We start to have this feature from the entry level Wave 64.

As you could see. Wave has quite a few unique features in the current 2017 Q4 market still. We know since we are late, we better to give our buyer something good!