Thank you for purchasing Vi DAC Tube with CCX Modules. This guide provides basic step-by-step instructions for removing and installing your CCX modules, but if you need additional help, our Customer Happiness team is at your disposal by opening a ticket.

To get you started replacing the module, There are three steps involved.

  1. Removing existing back panel from the Vi Tube Infinity.
  2. Make sure the connectors are attached to one another.
  3. Securing the back panel with screws provided.

Step 1: 

Before removing the CCX board, make sure the unit is not powered ON.

Remove the two screw on each side of the CCX board. Once removed the CCX module will pull out from the connection.

Step 2:

When swapping the new board, make sure the connection tip of the CCX module has clicked into place.

Step 3:

Once the CCX Module is firmly in place, screw in the two side-screws to to secure the back panel to the Vi DAC.
You can now turn on the device to begin listening to your CCX module. Please note Tubes will need to be warm to get the optimal sound quality.

Full Owner's Manual

For complete instructions about your device, please reference the full Owner’s Manual for details and discussions about the operation, features, and software configurations.