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Large on-board DAC buffer to allow for entire track to playback without chance of jitter?

I’ve been reading a lot about the hows and whys different USB cables affect sound and a question came to mind that I haven’t seen brought up yet.

If audiophile-grade USB cabling is necessarily expensive for it’s construction to meet its goal of low jitter, then (for improved performance, potentially lower cost, and greater user adoption) why aren’t DAC manufacturers implementing a large onboard data buffer that will allow for any audio track (say up to 1GB) to be loaded onto a memory chip via a data transfer method (not an audio method prone to jitter) which can be done in adaptive or in asynchronous mode to allow for an inexpensive USB cable to be used?

It’s boggling my mind as to why I haven’t seen this yet. Maybe it does exist and I’m too new to the scene. Help me out folks! Thank you.

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