Vi DAC Signature Edition for Solid State backers now open for a LIMITED time!


Larry has received a deluge of emails from many Vi DAC backers wondering why there isn’t a Solid State Signature Edition. “How come only the tube geeks get the best of the best?” is the question he’s repeatedly getting.

You know Larry. He just can’t help himself. It’s an illness. :)

So, he got busy working on a Signature Edition of Vi DAC Solid State. Obviously, we don’t want to endanger the shipping schedule (shipping began today on these awesome little guys!!!), so we’re going to make only 6 SE’s. If you’re interested, please let us know by simply opening a support ticket.


Signature Edition Technical Details

Of course the SE has all the Infinity bells and whistles. In addition to those (naked resistors, THD Performance Package, etc.),


1) Larry is using 4 (two hand-matched pairs) special TO-99 metal can amplifiers in the balanced output stage. With more good surface area and a solid package, we will use JFET to bias this into Class A deeper. All these changes will make Vi DAC sounds at its best.

2) Connectors:  the Balanced output connectors are from Cardas, and RCA connectors are from WBT. Solder is from WBT. 


(Connector examples on Geek Pulse Signature Edition)


3) Larry will contact you directly to customize your Vi DAC SE (like Pulse DAC SE).  You have the option to choose either the OPA1611, AD827, or the LME49710 on the single-ended output stage. Once you make your decision, engineering team will fine tune everything for you through careful listening at his home. As with all SE’s, you get to work with Larry directly to customize your DAC. 

4) We will upgrade the current to voltage stage amplifier to make the slew rate even faster than original great OPA1612. This will bring you some crystal clear highs that you are

looking for. 

5) And of course A “Signature” mark in front of your Vi DAC chassis to make this unit unique. 


Again, if you’re interested, please open a support ticket and we can get the ball rolling for you. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!


Take care,

Manny, Stephanie, and Gina.

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What choices of opamps are available for the Larry balanced output stage ?


I am surprised Larry has decided to use TO-99 metal can amplifiers, I told him earlier about it during the Pulse SE interview and he said he was not going to do it for the Pulse SE. It sounds he finally came to realization that the can version provides a better SQ, a lot of listeners on the net on audio sites reported an improvement. The choices of op amps is good. What output caps is Larry going to use?

Secondly, I wish Larry would have provided a distinctive Pulse SE marking on the front enclosure instead of the back, it's better for those who want to show off. ;)

Hi Jon,
Does the LME49710HA Metal cans sound a lot nicer than the LME49990, even though the LME49990 have better specs ?    

So on the Pulse Signature Edition , the upgrade is to LME49710 SOIC chip ?

Using the TO-99 would mean using adapters and the spaces on the Pulse are very tight , maybe that's why ?

It's exactly what I thought initially but after a conversation with my pre-amp designer, I decided to use those caps since he has mentioned that he got reports of the metal can version being superior sq wise versus the chip based. My first thought was that the can version temperature is most likely why this amp seems to perform as much as people reported, almost like a tube style. The TO-99 does get quite hot so a heat sink is needed. You might be right about the space since I have couple of those home and they are at least taller plus with the heat sink, it's taking quite a bit of space. Note that you can install the TO-99 on some extender pins to make them rollable which will raise the cap up and possibly clear any encumbrance near them. I still think that if you can manage to get those, you might be surprised of their performance, the famous saying that specs is not always everything.
Hi Gina? I spoke to you 99 days ago about an upgrade from The pulse Infinity to Vi Dac tube . You have since closed off the offer so when will you send me the pulse infinity?

When are you shipping the DAC's that were paid for on indiegogo over a year ago?

Gina -

Should I have been contacted now regarding my Signature Edition Vi DAC Tube?

Interesting here. I paid for $62 in Sept and was told that I had to pay as it was shipping now. This seems like a way to get extra money over the amount paid. 

Then I was told it would ship begining Sept 10%, 40% Nov and 50% Dec.

Then I was told mine would ship in Dec.

January I am told it will take 2 weeks. 

Still waiting. I wonder how many others are waiting also.