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Pulse DAC compatible with Raspberry Pi?


Can anyone tell me whether or not the Pulse  DAC (via USB) is compatible with the Raspberry Pi? 

I'm interested in setting up a music server using my Raspberry Pi (running Volumio) and was wondering if anyone has had success outputting sound via USB to a Pulse. 



I just finished listening to several tracks from the Raspberry Pi 2.

The Pi has a USB cable to the LPS4, and there is a cable from it to the Pulse Infinity.

I've been able to play up to 192/24.

From there, my collection jumps to DSDx1 and DSDx2. I don't have anything in between.

Playing DSD has the Pulse displaying 352K, but there are a lot of pops and glitches.

I was able to play from a USB stick local to the Pi and also stream from my NAS.

This was with RuneAudo.

I do have extra SD cards, so I'm going to take Thomas' suggestion and check out the other media centers

Thomas, I have other issues with my Pulse Standard and my Pulse Infinity, so I am not surprised that you have an issue. I'm going to work through my issues via the support tickets that I have opened

After listening to several 192/24 tracks, I find that it's very noisy. This is playback from a USB stick to the USB connected Pulse. At this point, it is a novelty, but not something that I would want to build my system around. I could see myself using it at work because of the small footprint.

When I switch to the DurioSound card directly attached to the Pi, plugging my HE-400s directly into it, it is much quieter. The volume is not as loud as I would like it, but its good and fun.

I'm going to stick with JRiver or PureMusic on my Mac

Because this is fun, I'm trying to get MoOde onto my Raspberry Pi 2, but for the life of me, I can't get it to boot. At first, I thought I damaged either the SD card or the Pi 2. I have a B+, so I put NOOBS onto the SD card and was able to boot the B+. I then was able to boot the Pi 2 with the same SD card and NOOBS

But when I use Win32DiskImager on my PC to write moode-sdimg-r24.img to the SD card and then boot, I see some flickering of the disk activity LED, but nothing output to the attached monitor.

It's driving me nuts and now I have nothing because I used the SD card on which RuneAudio was running. This was after I bought 3 new 32GB SD card and had the same failure, thinking that maybe these new cards can't be used with a Pi.

I'm having a facepalm moment

Hmmm....I used the Pi2 w/moode (v2.3) with my Xfi. Songs are stored on my NAS.

But once in a while songs didn´t start to play when i clicked on them.
I installed another image which help a while but then it occured again so I "returned" to my SBT.
Haven´t tried v.2.4 yet but I´ll probably give 2.5 a try (once it will be availabe).


Current Setup:

Raspberry 3B+ connected by USB to my Geek Pulse xfi + LPS attached and USB flash drive for music files and I'm having issues booting up the pi. I tried just booting up with only the Geek Pulse and it would boot and intermittently would detect my DAC. And of course attaching my USB flash drive after bootup could not play the music and create static noise to my speakers.

Does anyone have success with RPi 3B+ and Pulse?  I read somewhere it's possible that the USB ports on Rpi3 doesn't have enough power for data from Geek Pulse. 

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