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OS X El Capitan Audio Issues

 So mac users, you must know by now that El Capitan 10.11 and 10.11.1 updates cripple USB audio out. I am a victim and cannot find a solution. Anyone else out there dealing with this? Do you have a resolution or is the only course to downgrade back to 10.10?

Yes there are reported issue for El Capitan having audio issues. I would suggest not updating this until these issues are addressed.

Reported Audio issues Apple has are:
*   Mac users get popping noise when playing video or audio.
*   Audio settings already set on internal speakers but no sound in Safari
*   Can’t adjust volume for speakers. But speaker volume buttons on keyboard & Sound Output slider on System Preferences still works.
*   No audio in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome when playing videos after El Capitan update.


Same problem. Very annoying! 

There is no driver for Mac, The only thing Apple needs from us is to be Audio class 2.0 compliant  (Which we are or this would not work for any Mac).

The Driver is only for Windows based PCs. (Which we are releasing a new driver for this week for better support on Windows 10)

Although i cannot speak for Apple, i do know they are aware of this.




This issue only occurs on geek pulse DAC? Or it is popular on various USB DAC?

So, update 10.11.1 has resolved my issues. All my DACs now work, Pulse, Aune & ifi micro.


No this is for, not only our devices but other Audio devices as well as other USB device not related to Audio. :-(


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