Do I Need a LPS8?

A nice summary chart for your Pulse devices power requirement summary. 

With the announcement of LPS8 trade-in, we have a lot of questions about how to match different type of Pulse family audio devices with LPS4 or LPS8. Hence we quickly draw a reference summary chart here. So it is much easier to have your power plan here.

Also, please be noticed. In LPS8 which sits on bigger version 2.0 Chassis, we included the 5V USB power supply ground switch. That means you could device if you want to float the USB ground. We heard your feedback and decide to add it.

With the birth of LPS8, we could foresee that many of your Pulse Audio system will be powered by a single power source with a nice star ground. If you could supply a nice power cable in front of LPS4 or LPS8, the whole system will benefit for that.



If you missed the opportunity to buy the Trade In LPS4 to LPS8 option, please open a support ticket at:

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