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Shipping status

There is no where I can find latest shipping info since the last one updated back in August. I open a support ticket and it close without any reply. Can someone please tell me where can I go to to look for this info ?

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Getting any sensible info out of them is impossible. I think we are going to have to write off the geek Wave, so many other companies have got to market faster than LHL with similar devices it will never be competitive.


When will I receive my Source 3TB Music Server???? I have ordered it for a year ago!!!!

Hi Gina,

Your shipping status says that the PULSE INFINITIES have all been shipped, but I still have not received mine. Have you guys forgotten about Australian customers?

Good luck, I ordered the geek pulse already 2.5 years still have not receive
I have now placed all my hopes and trust in Matt Lucas (tech support team) to rectify my problem. I will report back as things change / develope. At this time, I'm still waiting for my Pulse to be repaired and returned to me as Matt promised. I have updated Matt with my change of address since the time of the RMA (couple years ago?).


What is your definition of next few days. 23 have passed and still no update.


Customer 'happiness' they call it, don't they? Yet so many are far from happy here. Angry, frustrated and concerned for poor old Larry Ho who is no doubt the brains of the outfit. Sales and support suck like I've never experience any where on this and a few other planets!!
All my complaints got me was a terse note from that idiot Manny to say we are keeping your RMA DAC sent a refund (I did not ask for), and don't come here again; we don't want you as a customer!!


Wish I could get a refund.


Again, thank you Matt!
LH labs should pay more attention to update
Last bulletin says Geek Wave starts shipping Feb 16.  Now we are 2 months past that date whats the forecast?  According to Larry Ho on indiegogo you are still dicking about with PCBs and talking prototypes!


At this time we are waiting for the updated shipping timeline from our Shipping/Production Manager. When we have the updated shipping timeline we will provide in on our website. The newest update should be up within the next few days. I appreciate your patience as we wait to receive the information.

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