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Pulse not working properly

I just got my base model Pulse today, no problems set it up, all went smooth.

I played some music from JRMC, I noticed if I touch the Pulse chassis, top or back,  just a light tap, it would stop play for a second, sometimes it would come back play again, sometimes the LH ASIO driver disappeared, I have to reboot the computer to make it work again, another thing made me scratch my head  is while turning the volume knob on the Pulse, it will trigger fast forward (turn right) and rewind (turn left)on the JRMC,  is this a JRMC feature? I just want to increase the volume not fast forward the song.

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Hi Mitchell,

I have converted your post to a support ticket # 17385. Someone from our Technical Support Team will be responding to your ticket in the next 24 hours or so.

Take care,

Gina Stewart

Customer Happiness Agent

LH Labs 

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Roseville, CA  95747

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