Pulse DAC, Pulse X Infinity and LPS4 DEALS!

The rumors are true, our entire team is incredibly excited to begin the shipping of Pulse DAC Infinity, outfitted in the new 2.0 chassis!  It's been a long time coming, yet, we're extremely confident its been worth the wait.   

In celebration of reaching this milestone, we've recieved the green light to release some serisouly killer deals on our remaining stock of Pulse DAC Infinity, LPS4 and Pulse DAC Standard units, all housed in the original chassis.  

This will be our final push, prior to all of these units being outfitted in the new 2.0 chassis and heading to retail.  Icing on the cake, we're offering even deeper discounts on these units when they're bundeld together.  While not exactly original backer price, these discounts are super steep and are sure to please even the most seasoned LH Labs customers.  

Please visit our dedicated shipping sale thread to see all the great deals being offered, bundles and otherwise. If you're as captivated by the prices as we hope you are, please proceed with opening a support ticket by clicking here.  

If you've been loving these sales, please pass it forward to your friends and family that could also benefit from true audiophile perfection.  We promise, they'll thank you for it.    


Best wishes,


Stephanie, Gina & Manny

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This is rediculous….

Spent a lot of money on you and zero satisfaction, product delivery or even any sort of compensation.

We've invested in your company and product development for a promissed product that had been annouced in Dec 28, 2013!!!!

Even if you ever deliver anything, which I don't beleive, you would be delivering on a 6 year old promisse completly outdated by comparison to what the market as to offer nowadays.

Shame on you!

Yep. You’re not alone here HJJ.
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