Pulse Analog Suite Spin-off

2 days ago

Good evening dear backers,

Today was a monumental day! Have you seen the total funds raised on this InDemand campaign??? $3,000,000 exactly.  That's nuts, right!?!?

Pulse Analog Suite Spin-off

A few days ago, Larry let you know that we'd be spinning off the analog components of this campaign onto a new Indiegogo page. We're almost ready to do that. In fact, we have a preview link for you to look at:


It's pretty bare bones at the moment, but we'll be working over the next few days to get all the content spiffed up and shiny. We'll get a video or two finished, as well. If you wouldn't mind taking a look at the preview link and letting us know if you see any glaring mistakes, we would all appreciate it.

Thanks again for you support in getting us to $3M!!!

Take care,


 Gavin Fish

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