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Geek Pulse won't play on newer Macbook pro (mid-2015 model)

This works fine on my windows machine at home and use to work on my retina macbook pro (early 2013 model).  After moving to the new macs with the force touch trackpads it doesn't work at all(Running OSX 10.10.4 or 10.10.5).  It's recognized by the mac but trying to edit the settings for the device in 'Sound' or 'Audio MIDI Setup' just causes those programs to lock up and I need to force quit them to get the OS responding again.

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I have the same problem

Apparently the LPS to Pulse connection is insanely picky about USB cables.  I could only resolve this when my second 1G cable showed up and used both of them to connect everything together.  Using a single 1G cable and any one of the three other USB cables I had didn't work.  Even though any of the cables would work when it was just the Pulse connected directly to the Macbook Pro.

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