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Hi backers!

Today was a day chock full of meetings specifically surrounding Wave. Diana has been overseas meeting with some of our vendors, including a few of the machine shops that we work with. She's extremely jet-lagged, but still came in to the office to brain-dump all of the information she gathered and deals she landed.

She brought back with her some of the prototype pieces that make up Wave's chassis. Because there's been some confusion as to whether or not we're going to make Wave's chassis on the 3D printer, I thought it would be a good idea to show you the direction we're going.

Before I show it to you, though, I think I should emphasize that at LH Labs, form follows function. So Larry's team has been working on the circuit without worry much about what the chassis shape will be. It's only now that it's time to marry both the EE and ME sides of things. 

A metal ring makes up the outside of Wave's shell. We haven't decided on which color we're going to go with, and will likely leave that up to our design team. I should also note that this shape is in no way final. It's still a prototype.

The black pieces you see are molded from a high strength plastic polymer. These aren't all the internal pieces that make up Wave, just some of them. These plastic pieces hold PCB's, are buttons, or are brackets for other components such as the battery or screen. The two assembled chassis in the background are examples of finishes that we're considering for Wave's back plate. One has a beautiful textured rubber finish, the other has a supple leather treatment. We have LOTS of other options, too-- we remember you Signature Edition backers! :)

Anyway, hopefully that gives you a good idea about our direction for Wave's chassis. Please usethe community on our website or the comments section to continue the conversation.

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 Gavin Fish

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you know that link doesn't work, right?  Just looking around, trying to find info on Wave.....

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