Latest update on Vi DAC/Vi DAC Tube

Dear Backers,

Just back from a business trip in Asia few days ago. After we have a good R&D meeting today. Here is update. Still in the style of bullet points. Straight and clear. 

1. The production version of PCBs' purchase orders have been made last week. So we expect to see the nice and clean PCB for Vi DAC next week. Three major parts: Main DAC board, LPI power supply board, and ViMatrxi control board. Then the assembly process will start. For Vi DAC solid state version, These three boards consist 100% of the DAC. For Vi Tube DAC, these boards are 80% of the DAC itself. 

2. For Vi Tube DAC, the other one board we are finishing up is Tube Buffer board related CCX module. We just completed a very nice connector test to make sure the insert and re-insert of CCX into Tube board will be nice. Also, I am tweaking the good power by-passing capacitors for sound quality, we have separated transformers for tube HEATER and High Voltage B+.

3. Diana and Gavin's favor volume knobs contest has been done too. They picked a really nice one that will fit Vi DAC chassis design nicely. 

4. Diana is working intensively with CNC factory to make the production process of T6061 aluminum chassis as smooth as possible. Since every Vi DAC will be throughly tested on different audio precision test stations, we are designing one best assembly and QC flow for that too. (Please consider, this is a big and heavy DAC) 

5. The final thing is: I do realize how I eager to ship Vi DAC (both SS and Tube) to your home. I even start thinking after you got your Vi DAC, how we could have a good video talking about making it sound at its best! 

Before that day comes, this journey continues. 


 Larry Ho

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are you still in business?

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