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Hi Larry, Got any updates on this, THANKS!

Yes of course but we will need to get the chassis finalized first. A prototype 3D chassis was printed yesterday in gold and the coloring was way off. It wasn't the quality specific for a SE backer. No worries, it may take longer than what we previously thought, but it will be well worth the wait. We do want to make the SEs the very best.

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We're working with various options and it hasn't been finalized yet. Can't let the cat out of the bag just yet Paul! :-D

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Hi Sigie!

We're currently finalizing the gold chassis for the Signature Editions. Current estimated delivery is at the end of this month:

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Thanks Gina. Looking forward to SE!

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Great news Gina. Will the chassis be 3D printed too? Or something else??

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That's sad.  Anyways, got an idea how much longer a wait before we get our GO V2 SE, in the mail?

Been a couple of weeks, appreciate updates on this?  Thanks!

HI Gina, How longer a wait for a finalized chassis?  Please let us know. Thanks.

Hi Sigie!

The Geek Out V2 SE is scheduled to be completed by the end of September according to the latest update we got from the Production Department. :-)

Hello!  At this time, is it still possible to upgrade from a V2 SE to a V2 Plus SE?  Just thought about this as I am thinking about a shootout between the New Chord Mojo and GO V2 Plus.  Thanks!  

what will be the chassis?

Shall we get a  chance to get an idea on what these "various options" that are being considered for the V2 SE, same way as the GO V1 SE? Thanks.

The production progress chart still states 100% to be delivered by the end of September.

Any update on this?

Unfortunately at this time we are no longer able to take any upgrade options for the Signature Editions as the numbers have been accounted for. I apologize for the inconvenience.

There will be a Production Update coming out very soon for October regarding this. We'll let you know once it is posted. I appreciate your patience!

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