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Pulse XFinity Questions

Not really sure where to post this....

I just received my new Pulse XFinity Chassis 1.0. Matches theĀ  LPS4 very nicely. Few questions as I "burn in" the Pulse...

  1. How long is the recommended burn in period ?
  2. I set up my Windows 7 sound driver (Control Panel/Sound/Advanced) to 24Bit, 96000Hz and checked both the Exclusive Mode options. Now every track I play shows 96K on the Pulse, even if it's 44100Hz - Am I missing something or shouldn't it display the source info ?
  3. Was the LPS4 supposed to come with feet like the Pulse XFinity ? Mine didn't have any and it doesn't exactly sit flat.Based on other photos I've seen it appears there should be feet.
  4. I'm using Foobar2000 on a Win7 PC. I have noticed after it indexes my Music folder on my NAS (16TB FreeNAS Mini) it seems to mark tracks of the same artist, same tack name but different song of similar length as the same song. Dire Straits has 2 songs called "Your Latest Trick" - the track in Brother in Arms versus the last track on Disc 1 from Private Investigations. Anyone else experienced this ? I can copy over from the NAS to my phone and it does it correctly. Pretty sure this is Foobar's indexing that's causing the issue. Anyone know if J River has this issue.

Your LPS4 should have had four feet in the ziplock back that also contains four power cables.

I don't have any comment about Foobar, but JRiver is not doing what you have described regarding the indexing of files on your NAS. I'm doing the exactly same thing with JRiver without any problems

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Thanks for that info. Support shipped me some feet. I'm going to give J River a try as well.

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