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Pulse Signature Edition

Today we received in the Pulse Signature Edition chassis-- one day early! So I hooked it up, had a listen, and snapped some photos. I photographed it next to an AudioEngine A5+ so you can kind of see the scale of the device.  Bet you didn't know I moonlight as a product photographer.

Note that the logo on the front is our first sample, not the final version. But it shouldn’t be tweaked much more than this. We’re experimenting with different wooden tops, too. The one pictured has a purpleheart top in a semigloss finish. Tomorrow I should be able to show you a high-gloss finish. I think our carpenter is using mahogany, but don’t hold me to it.

Personally, I hope Larry and I can carve out time and resources to make a couple more Signature Editions for ourselves. I’m coveting the wood top a bit. :)

Pulse DAC Infinity 1.0 - Running Out of Time

We’re planning on removing the Pulse DAC Infinity Pre-order perk from the campaign on Friday, at which time we’ll put them up for sale through our distributors and on our marketplace. Last call! Now’s the time to pull the trigger if you want one-- in three days, they’ll be gone.

Pulse Blue

Chassis have been ordered for Pulse Blue. Numbers have to be submitted to Diana for her assembly run, so the Pulse Blue Bluetooth Stage perk will be coming down soon. Not to mention that there are only 21 units left. Don’t miss out! This really is the finest Bluetooth stage you’ll find out there. Check out the measurements!

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 Gavin Fish

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