7-27-15 Geek Pulse Audio: High-Rez Desktop Sound System

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8 hours ago

Dear Backers,

I hope you enjoyed the videos that we published over the weekend. Larry and I are very happy with the state of Pulse Blue and the measurements of Pulse DAC Signature Edition. I took mine home over the weekend to start burning them in. As of this morning, both Blue and DAC SE have settled in nicely. Another few days and they should reach their sweet spots.

I wanted to give you a quick reminder that we’re releasing a few items for pre-order today at 12:00PM Pacific time-- that’s just about two hours from now. Here’s the list of stuff we’re offering for pre-order along with expected ship dates:

* 20 Pulse DAC Infinity units housed in Chassis 1.0 - Shipping to be complete by the end of August.

* 10 Pulse DAC Signature Edition units housed in Chassis 2.0 - Shipping to be complete by the end of August.

* 20 Pulse LPS4 units housed in Chassis 2.0 - Shipping to be complete by the end of October.

* 20 Pulse Blue units housed in Chassis 2.0 - Shipping to be complete by the beginning of October.

Again, Casey and I will post these four perks at 12:00PM Pacific time today, here on the Pulse Indiegogo campaign page . Just in case you haven’t seen the videos on Pulse Blue and Pulse DAC SE that, we posted over the weekend, you can check them out here:

See you at noon,


 Gavin Fish

2 days ago

I was able to lock Larry & Gavin down for a bit with the AP and get some more insight on the Pulse SE design and PCB layout. Check the video out.

Remember that Monday, July 27th is an important day because we’ll be offering a few items for final pre-order before they hit the retail channel:

Pulse DAC Infinity - Chassis 1.0

These are ready to go and will be shipped once purchase and shipping details have been confirmed.  Our very first device to feature the latest ESS Sabre 9018AQ2M DAC chip, we’ve received numerous rave reviews from Geek Force Forummembers, ChangstarHead-Fi and numerous others.  There will be a total of 22 Pulse DAC Infinity models available for $2,199 (MSRP $3,199).  

Pulse DAC Signature Edition - Chassis 2.0

Oh yes, the Pulse DAC SE.  If you were lucky enough to land yourself a Geek Out SE a while back, you know exactly the performance aspects that awaits you with the Pulse SE.  Larry and crew have seriously outdone themselves with this.  The video above goes into some great detail on measurements and the hand matching process for each SE PCB.  There will only be 10 Pulse DAC SE’s available for the IGG only price of $3,390.  These units will ship at the end of August to those lucky few.  

Pulse LPS4 - Chassis 2.0

Everything you’ve come to know and love about LPS4, now housed in the new 2.0 chassis.  Michael Lavorgna’s latest review of Pulse Xfi featured the LPS4 and he had this to say.  

“I consider the Geek Pulse Xfi/LPS4 combo to be paired at the hip, a truly dynamic duo, so my recommendation includes both. If you like your music delivered cleanly, clearly, and precisely with a wonderful sense of the place of the recording, whether in-room or in-ear, think Geek.”

We’ll be offering 30 LPS4’s for purchase in the 2.0 chassis for $639 (MSRP $899).

Pulse Blue - Chassis 2.0

If you’re looking for a seriously awesome Bluetooth stage for your setup, look no further.  Gavin posted the Pulse Blue video a day or so ago and the measurements on the AP were stellar.  With the implementation of the 2.0 chassis, you’re looking at a fine addition to the Pulse lineup.  Pulse Blue will have a pre-order price of $279 (MSRP $379) and will have a strict limit of only 50 units available.  

Just to reiterate, once again.  July 27th at Noon Pacific Standard Time, we'll be releasing all of the above products for pre-order, allowing you the last chance opportunity to get your hands on these products before they head to retail.  

 Casey Hartwell

3 days ago

Hi again,

I have one more update that I want to do for all of you who have backed Pulse Source. 

Please check out the Google Doc that Larry and Jeff have put together that details all of Pulse Source's specs. It also has a Q&A worksheet that you might find enjoyable.

If you have any questions that you'd like us to answer on this doc, please submit them byopening a ticket.

Thanks very much!


 Gavin Fish

3 days ago

Hi everyone,

As I promised you yesterday, here’s the video I shot of Larry showing you around Pulse Blue. The chassis that the PCB is in doesn’t have the final face on it yet-- we’re waiting for those to arrive.

Important Reminder

Remember that Monday, July 27th is an important day because we’ll be offering a few items for final pre-order before they hit the retail channel:

* ~20 Pulse DAC Infinity units housed in Chassis 1.0

* 10 Pulse DAC Signature Edition units housed in Chassis 2.0

* Pulse LPS4 units housed in Chassis 2.0. (Note: we’ve had to reduce the number available because a key distribution partner ordered the majority of them before we could post them on the campaign.)

* ~20 Pulse Blue units housed in Chassis 2.0

We shot one more video today about Pulse DAC Signature Edition showing the new Matrix PCB (which includes SD Card firmware flashing), THD+N measurements (all the way out to 1 MHz bandwidth!), FFT (focusing on musical intervals), and intermodulation distortion. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to get it posted to YouTube today, so we’ll get that done tomorrow.

Take care,


 Gavin Fish

4 days ago

Dear backers,

I know I already posted one update today already, but I wanted to bring to your attention a review of Pulse DAC/LPS4 by Michael Lavorgna. You can read it onAudioStream’s website. Happily, Pulse DAC & LPS4 received the AudioStream’s Greatest Bits award! Here are some excerpts from the review:

“What does all of this cleaning, buffering, re-clocking and filtering get you? Big effortless rock solid sound.”

“Switching back to my reference Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC showed the Mytek to be softer and less solid in comparison to the Xfi's iron grip on imaging and clean, clear, precise control of music's every move and texture.”

“Big, open, solid sound filled my listening room with a natural ease I could, and did, enjoy for hours on end.”

More happy news:

Pulse DAC Infinity in Chassis 1.0

We’ve shipped out all the Pulse DAC Infinities housed in Chassis 1.0 to those of you who didn’t want to wait for the new one. We have 22 more units assembled, tested, and packaged sitting on the shelf right now. These units could be in happy homes by this time next week if anyone wants them. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness team if you want to switch to the older chassis style. But don’t wait because we’re going to accept pre-orders for these units on July 27th to clear out that inventory.

If you’re awaiting Chassis 2.0, they’re scheduled to arrive at the office on August 5th. Then they need to be silk-screened and assembled. At that time, we’ll ship all of them to their new homes by the end of August.

Pulse DAC Signature Edition

Circuit boards are done, assembled, tested, and awaiting their new chassis. As with the Pulse DAC Infinities, chassis arrive on August 5th. Then silk-screening, assembly, and shipping. Expect them in your homes by the end of August!

We have 12 extra Signature Edition PCB’s that we plan on assembling into Chassis. Two are spoken for (Larry & me). The other 10 will be available for pre-order on July 27th.

Pulse LPS/LPS4

All Pulse LPS units have been shipped with only 128 LPS4’s to go. We’ll finish shipping all of these the last week of September.

Pulse LPS4 2.0

We’ve ordered 180 new LPS4 PCB’s that are designed to fit into Chassis 2.0. We’re going to make them available for pre-order (including a trade-in program) on July 27th. These 180 units will ship in October.

I have some news on Pulse Blue, too. But I’m all out of room! I’ll shoot a video update tomorrow and will post it either tomorrow or Monday.

Take care,


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