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What does my Wave look like? What are it's specs?

Why do I need to search more than 5 minutes for this information?
What does my Geek Wave X128 look like now? It's enclosure must be finalised surely. Why isn't that easy to find?

What are the specs of all models as of July 2015? If you can't say that then surely you can't promise a Q4 release date.

Why do I have to jump through page after page of people who don't even work at LHL for more information in one location then you have offered anywhere regarding the Wave?

It's pretty ridiculous that LHL hasn't come up with an adequate response to the page after page after page of comments regarding people concerns on the campaign.

If the look is what is currently on the frontpage of the IGG campaign, I don't even know when that happened because I din't get an email saying hey we changed some things.

Basically I would like to know a realistic date of release and what you have completed and what's holding up manufacture? Also, what my X128 will look like would be nice. That is not a lot to ask of your investors/customers.

Come on LHL, Lift your game.

I hear you.  The Wave?  I have no idea what I will end up getting with this product, or when I will get it.  They have changed what it is, how it works, what it looks like, etc.  Not to mention that I have had to "justify" my model and option three times already because apparently LHL likes to forget what you purchased and the offers they made.

My bigger complaint.  I'm getting a "matching" Geek Blue for my Pulse XFI, that is now in a different chassis that doesn't even match my DAC or LPS4 any more.

Thanks LHL.

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It's frustrating because it should be so simple to have a website with forums that have polls and surveys to ask the crowd who are paying for the thing to be built what they want and have real tangible figures instead of, oh it seems like this is the direction a few of you want us to go. I was doing this as a young bloke on forums when I was running gaming clans, it's not hard and lays all the information out in front of you and also involves a whole community instead of the same ten guys I see constantly posting on LHL's forums who do not represent the majority, kudos to them for being involved but a forum or board that just straight up says we have these 3 options which would you like to see and add a comment box on the bottom and your market research does itself.

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Hi James and Mark,

I apologize for the frustration, we don't intend for you to feel this way. We are working on getting as much information built into our ticket system so that it is much easier to find what you are looking for. It will take some time because we want it to be simple and easy to find the information. I appreciate your patience as we work to get this done as quickly as possible. We are pushing for a quarter four release date of the production of the Wave unit and it is looking good :-) Thank you for your input, it helps us make things better for everyone.

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I appreciate that you are working on things to make communications better. I know that you have made good strides on the support side of things as well.

Of course you really did not address the previous poster's questions. They and I, want to know what the Wave will look like and what it will consist of exactly. So do I. At this point, only a couple of months from the fourth quarter, there must be something representing the current thoughts on what the Wave will be. Why has this not been shared? Can that be remedied, please?

You did mention that you (LHL) were working towards a 4th quarter start of production. How likely is it that you will actually make that. We have seen such sketchy information before, only to be disappointed.

Additionally, the 4th quarter is 3 months long. Can you give a sense, if the answer to the above is "very likely,  what part of the 4th quarter might we expect to start seeing the Wave in the hands of those that have pledged for them?

You must know that answers befitting a politician with vague references to calendar quarters is not really what people are looking for.

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Hi  Phil,

As I mentioned in my previous statement, we are working to gather the information to put in our system. When we receive the information we will be happy to provide it to our backers. Since a Chassis for the Wave unit isn't finalized I am not able to provide that information. We will also announce any information on our Indiegogo Wave page located here.

As for the shipping date of the Wave unit, our Production Manager will have a timeline of when they are expected to ship once the unit is out of the R&D stages. A rough estimate would be closer to the month of December. However, it really just depends on the rate of production for the Wave units. Let me know if you have any further questions, I'm happy to help.

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You are also able to open a support ticket so that we can explain specifically what you will be getting. There are many different upgrade options available for each specific Wave unit. We are working hard to get these all down and available to everyone to compare. The easiest option available at this point is to open a support ticket so that we can see exactly what YOU ordered and if you want to purchase any additional upgrades to reach the specifications you are expecting.