Geek Blue Update!

I have a couple of things I want to update you on in regards to this Pulse Audio campaign. Lots of good stuff happening this week! It’s nice to be ramping this project down. There are already thousands of units that have been shipped so far, with more on the way… including:

Pulse Blue! (Original Geek Blue)

It’s been a long time coming, but I think it’s worth the wait. This product breaks our internal records for the most interactions and EP’s we’ve ever had. The original prototypes are working but Larry doesn’t believe the sound quality is good enough yet, as a result, the engineering team keeps improving upon it until it's absolutely perfect.

Since Geek Wave also features an incredible sounding Bluetooth stage, we were able to run our efforts in parallel and have made numerous innovations and progress in our pursuit of creating  a “No Compromise” Bluetooth playback device. Also the raw digital output of Bluetooth playback is always full of jitters due to its original limitation.

Larry and his engineering team have made incredible progress, just in the last couple of days, and have finally been able to incorporate re-sampling, up-sampling and DSP of the original output of Bluetooth stage so the 192K/24 bit SPDIF output on our Pulse Blue will be the absolute best!

The last part of this project is fine tuning the antenna, which is almost done, too. Here’s what it looks like in the 1.0 chassis, but the final will be in chassis 2.0:

Shipping will start within 20 days, with most Blue shipments happening in September.

That's it for now folks.  More "juicy" updates are slated for this week so check your inboxes. 

Talk soon!


 Casey Hartwell

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Well, it's the end of September. Are we shipping yet?

Of course not. They meant September 2020.

Current shipping estimations for the Blue should start the beginning of end of October to November.

Any update on the shipping for the Geek Blue?


The first units will be shipping this week so look for shipping notifications to start going out in December starting with U.S. backers. This is so if there are any bugs that pop up, the Blue can be readily shipped back to fix.

Looking forward to receiving my shipping notification, having been an original crowd-funder way back in 2013.

Still no shipment nearly February, 2016? 

There is no such thing as "start the beginning of end of October to November".

Doesn't exist, thats not a thing.

What, no more comments allowed in this thread?

At mid-December I was told that my estimated shop date would be the end of January. In the last business-day of January, I was told that my expected shop-date would be mid-March. So, every six-weeks my ship-date is pushed out another six-weeks, and I have not yet been provided any reason why. Customers are very understanding, tolerant, and forgiving when they are told the truth especially whe. It is a difficult one related to mistakes. For example, "our supplier screwed up", "we have a small staff and made other priorities", "we have re-designed the product." Tell us WHY! Trust your customers with the truth, otherwise you lose trust.

It's May 20th and I still have no product in hand. 

8th november 2016, waiting.... An explanation is very welcome indeed.

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