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Windows driver for geek 1000

"I just bought this and can't install because i can't download the driver from lh lab's site. any other place i can download the driver? thanks/"

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Scroll down to the very bottom of this page:

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Technical Support Team should be getting back to you shortly regarding this.

I have the same problem , jus received my GO1000 and I can not use it as you have no driver available.

Really poor service

Did you read my post above? It tells you where to find the driver.

Yeah I did, and I get anĀ "Oops you blew up the internet" the page you are looking for is no longer here ...... message.

PS by the way the extender cable was not shipped with the unit as well - so of to a really bad start

I just checked it again and the link I posted above works. You have to page down until you get to the very bottom of that page. There you will find a link to a setup.msi file. Download that file. That is the driver.

I asked your question about the cable and apparently, despite what the package says, no cable is included with this unit according to the seller. I had an old extender cable lying around anyway and it works fine. You can buy one dirt cheap at many places.

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OK all is working - thank you

I wanted to be impressed with this product - and it is very good on first listen ( Using Shure SE535 , will connect up the HD800's later)

Initial impression are that this is better than my SPL Phonitor headphone amp with the SE535's

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