New Website Launch Today

Hi there Force,

I'm sure you've already noticed by now; but if you haven't seen it yet, we launched our new website earlier today after a short technical glitch. THANK YOU to all the beta testers who provided feedback on the new community! There's still a ways to go before it's glitch-free, but we thought it was ready to launch as a beta 2.

As we've grown as a company, we've put a lot of effort into the platforms we use that help us communicate with you. Our support system/forum ( is a great example of that. As we've worked to improve these tools and how we use them, we've been able to see outstanding results. Now we've reached a moment where a simple forum just isn't good enough. That's the reason for the switch.

The new community gives you more power to shape the conversations we have on our website. You're no longer constrained by the topics and categories that we establish. You can now create your own groups and connect directly with the people with whom you want to communicate most. In this way, our new community is more like a social network... like Facebook.

The Geek Force forum is still accessible, and you can still use it. But over time we'll begin to limit write access to more and more areas as everybody makes the switch over to the new community. Read access will always be available.

In launching the new site, we've moved from one content management system to another. The bad news is that, because of this, you'll need to create a new user account to interact within the new community. We suggest you use the same email address as before. The good news is that everything about the new community is improved: public groups, private groups, member directories, profiles, friendships, etc.

This is your community. We hope you have fun building it up. If you have any questions, please ask our Customer Happiness team at

Take care,


Great that you have a new website but in the process, the page with the Geek Pulse drivers has disappeared. Could we get that back please?

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Agreed, your downloads all return 404's.

Have you tried the Solutions tab on this site? 

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Wow thanks for the quick reply -- That's awesome:

Going here and navigating to the bottom of the page gave me a working url to download the current drivers; However, your support page with drivers and downloads all have broken URLs -- just FYI.

Yes we are working on getting those fixed.We launched a new website and working on getting the bugs fixed. We'll get there! :-) If you are still having trouble, just open a ticket and Technical Support can help you out.

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The link to the production status report seems to have disappeared on the new website.

Yes, we have made some changes on our website. Here is the new production update:,w_620/v1436470578/wc3vh610qjhjcjant1zm.pdf

Thanks for the link, Gina. I already saw that version of the production update, though, so I was looking forward to the next bi-weekly update.

Will future updates be posted somewhere on the new website?

Thanks for pointing that out Mark! Please go to the "Support" menu at the top of the website.

Great, I see the link under the "Support" menu is now back.

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