Wave 32 Upgrade

Please open a support ticket so that the Customer Happiness Team can process your order.


Gina Stewart

Customer Happiness

LH Labs

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Dear Ms Stewart, No idea if I qualify for upgrades since its been too many months and have lost track. I agree to upgrades and will pay for option. No idea how to access this but do remember ordering one for Australian delivery.
How do we open ticket? Thanks

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If I do the 'forced upgrade', would I then also qualify for the newer ESS 2015 upgrade which I could not do with the 32GB perk?

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Hi Waldman Jordaan,

Yes you would qualify for the new  ESS 2015 chip upgrade for $22.

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Hi Yuval,

In order to open a ticket, please go to our home page on http://support.lhlabs.com/home and then on the upper right hand side, log in or register your account. Or you can just email us at cs@lhlabs.com

Thank you!
What is the procedure for the upgrading of the ESS 2015 chip?
Hi Gina, I would also like to upgrade from 32 to 64 and also the chip upgrade. Is this done via the ticket system? Keeping up with all the options / versions has been quite a challenge. Was beginning to think it would never happen. Thanks.
Thanks Gina, I have now logged a ticket to the effect, number 12663.

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Thanks Gina, I logged a ticket#12680 
Hi Gina,

Are there any other option beside upgrading to 64?

Maybe cancel order or change product with similar price (I'm thinking of Geek Out V2).



Ticket #12740 for Wave32 to 64


Thanks for all your responses! If you haven't already done so, please open a ticket and I'll respond within the next 24 Hours if not sooner! This is a new support site and if you've never been to: http://support.lhlabs.com/home then you will need to register first. Please use the email you made your purchases with so I can look up your order right away. If not, just let me know the email you made your purchases within the ticket.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Take care,

Gina Stewart 

Customer Happiness Agent

LH Labs

920 Reserve Drive, Suite 160

Roseville, CA  95747

Go to http://www.lhlabs.com and Join our Geek Force!

@ Modillon

Great suggestions! Thanks!

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